Top Blogging Apps for Every Mac User: 2018 Edition

Bloggers who are passionate about their articles need some good writing tools to maintain the quality of writing. Concentrating on writing an article online is tough with many distractions at hand. If you are thinking of some apps to finish your work offline to increase the productivity then here are some best blogging tools used by Mac users.

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Blogo: This is the top-rated app for Mac bloggers based on its ease of use and its varied features. For those who need a clean environment to write, Blogo is the best offline tool to write and publish the post. The articles can be published on Mac desktop, iPad, and iPhone since it syncs with all the devices. Editing and adding images can also be done with this tool.

Desk: The desk app is generated solely for Mac users to help in their writing tasks. It has all the features required to complete a blog and it allows you to save your draft in icloud. You can access your draft in the icloud from mobile and edit it before posting. The reason for desk app to be popular among bloggers is its capacity to integrate with all other blogging platforms like Tumblr and WordPress.

Snag It: Ineffective communication costs you time and reputation as a blogger. Visuals are key resources for an article or story. Every blogger needs a picture editing tool to complete the blog. Download this app to screenshot audio output, video display, and pictures. This innovative screenshot capture app is perfect as an editing tool.

Integrity: Is there anything more annoying than a broken link for a blogger on his website or blog. Integrity is the tool which finds the broken links in a blog and acts as an SEO kit for Mac systems. After scanning all the links it shows which are broken to be corrected. It works to improve the quality of your blog and increases search engine optimization credibility.

Camtasia: Bloggers working on all kinds of social media platforms are depending a lot on videos to deliver their content. This tool is the best video capturing and editing app Mac users need. It even focuses on the important details while recording and predicts the best parts to zoom. It is extremely useful for screencast video blogging.

WordPress for Mac: WordPress is the most preferred writing tool for bloggers. This tool is now available for Mac users and is similar to the windows version. Writing and editing of the articles or blog can be done in offline mode.

ImageOptim: Pictures are an integral part of every story. Images need to be processed and compressed to adjust the right resolution before pasting them in the blog. Compressed images reduce the download time or page loading time which makes your blog SEO-friendly. The simple drag and drop option of this tool is enough to compress and adjust its size.

There are some other tools which are used for blogging on Mac system namely Evernote, Ia writer, slack, Ulysses, Flycut, and Gramblr.

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