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How to Lose Weight Fast For Teenagers!! Lazy Fitness Hacks

Weight-loss is the most desired resolution or goal which teenagers and adults fail to fulfill every year. It may be due to lack of motivation or sheer laziness. Do not worry if the thought of exercise tires you because we present you with smart hacks to lose weight fast even for lazy teenagers.

Stop drinking your calories: Eating calories keeps you satiated rather than drinking them. Some calories which sneak through sugary drinks and beverages should be avoided or kept to a minimum.

Limit your couch time: Hitting gym seems like a tiring process. Just reduce your sitting time at home while watching television. Take a small walk or start doing pushups or crunches during the commercial break. Sitting for long durations will result in fat formation around the belly.

Use smaller plates: For people who cannot control their portion size, it is recommended to use smaller plates for lunch and dinner. The same low-portion food looks bigger on a smaller plate and it gives you a sense of eating full plate without going overboard on calories.

Take stairs: Use staircase whenever possible and avoid lifts as it gives little physical exercise while going to college or shopping malls. Don’t use vehicles to reach any destination which is in walkable distance.

Don’t forget your milkshakes: If you are a teenager who avoids healthy foods, make it a point to drink a milkshake with greens, fruits, and yogurt. Skipping breakfast does not help in weight loss. Make a smoothie to go before leaving home.

Good sleep: Teenagers need a good 8-hour sleep to keep the body functions in a rhythm. The body needs enough rest for digestion and fat metabolism. Proper sleep also reduces hunger pangs and avoids munching during late night.

Drink water: Drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day to boost body metabolism and cleanse the body of toxins. Drinking water keeps your stomach full and curbs appetite.  Consume water before meals to reduce food intake.

Pack your lunch: Avoid cafeteria lunches or ordering from restaurants every day and take a pre-packed meal with you. Instant food and canned beverages contain empty calories and induce weight gain. Make lean meats, veggies, and eggs part of the meal to keep you full.

Small workouts: Not everybody can join a gym or follow weight loss program to shed extra pounds. Just grab your friend and go for a run or lift dumbbells together or skip rope as a fun activity. List down workouts which can be done in 10 minutes and make baby steps towards following a workout regime.

Snack on nuts: It is better to binge on nuts than chips or salted processed foods. Nuts are higher in fiber and are extremely healthy. The unsaturated fats present in nuts are good for the body and protect against weight gain.

Cut back on sugars: Switch artificial sweeteners and replace them with honey and natural unprocessed sugar. Avoid eating sweets and eat seasonal fruits. Take a banana or apple on the go if you miss a meal or snack.

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