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Applying a HostGator coupon means amazing savings on already affordable hosting and domain name rates. Choose any of the coupon codes that you find on this page and you will be taken directly to the page where you can take advantage of the discount offer.

All these coupons work 100% no matter which geographical region you reside in. We have cross-checked them from multiple locations and for multiple orders and only then are we providing all this information. Pick any of our special offer HostGator discount coupons and you will be eligible for amazing savings on your next order!


It would be extremely unrealistic for you if you chose HostGator without thinking of those coupon codes that are out there, simply up for the grabs. A HostGator discount coupon is not just about getting money off, but an overall ease throughout your new website journey. What do we mean by that? Well, it’s simple. A HostGator discount code will give you some percent off on the total amount in the specific category. Now, this off amount can actually be used by you to buy an additional service like one more domain or an SSL certificate, which is loved by Google and extensively used by webmasters and developers to scale their website rankings on Google SERPs. That’s why we ask you to never overlook the power of a HostGator coupon code.


HostGator provides website services like WordPress hosting, domains, bulk domain purchases, VPNs, and so on. Basically, to get your own personal space on the internet, you need hosting. Hosting is where your files are kept.  You need to rent this space. For example, when you create a blog using a service like WordPress, it’s the service provider, WordPress, that gives you the space. But because you are not paying WordPress, they keep a subdomain after your main domain like lorem.wordpress.com.

When you purchase your own hosting, you can put any file there.

But of course, only getting the space is not enough. You need a domain to point people towards it. That’s where you need a custom domain so that people can find your website by typing lorem.com and not lorem.wordpress.com (just an example).

Buying a domain and hosting is the minimum you need to do in order to have your own website. HostGator gives you that at very affordable rates. HostGator is one of the most popular providers of these services and there’s a solid reason behind that.

There are also more advanced needs that HostGator can fill. For example, running multiple websites or handling traffic in billions of unique views per day. HostGator has the tools, specialties, and the resources to provide all the services from the bottom to the very top.

But why should you choose HostGator? Well, that’s a legit question nevertheless. Let’s see why.

HostGator has a risk-free 45-days no-questions money back guarantee for all orders. No risk. They won’t ask any questions. You can get a full refund of your money within the 45-days’ time period easily and in a very hassle-free way.

Further, the HostGator add-ons are amazing services if you know what they do. For example, professional email is something every business will need at a point. HackAlert Monitoring comes in handy, especially if your website falls in a niche that is susceptible to malware attacks (for example, if you run sensitive information or voice your opinions against a certain cause). CodeGuard site backups are something many of us value. This is an automated service that takes a full backup of your website regularly or at time periods that you set. This allows you to restore your website to an earlier point if some data is unfortunately lost or corrupted.

Further, HostGator provides a number of options for you to contact their support. Live chat is the most useful one so far. Get reliable and elaborate responses to your questions, confusions, and problems. Ticket system, email support, and a detailed knowledgebase are characteristics of all hosting providers. HostGator also offers phone support and social media connect.

You can pay using cards and checks as well as PayPal, something not all popular competitors support.

The website runs many special offers. In fact, HostGator special offers are among the best in competition. You can really gain a lot from these offers that might be around festivals or holidays.


There are many different coupon codes right now. Usually, HostGator coupons are 50 or 75% off. It’s easy to find a coupon 75 off or a 50 off coupon. A HostGator 60 off is also not rare. You can get a number of HostGator deals on the website.

A coupon code 75 off or a coupon code 50 off is easy to get. You just need to have the code. Usually, different categories have different codes. So, you should know what service are you looking for. For example, a HostGator domain coupon code won’t be applicable on an order of hosting. For hosting, you will need a HostGator hosting coupon code.

Currently, there are many coupon codes. There’s also a HostGator 1 cent coupon. You can get your first month at 1 cent only, but only if you choose to pay month-to-month. If you choose to pay in advance, which is the case mostly, there are other coupons for you.

A HostGator 60 off coupon or a 30 off that’s a coupon for 30 off is often advertised on the website banner itself. A HostGator coupon, however, won’t always be advertised on the website splash banner. It’s common to find a HostGator voucher or promo code on a third-party website or app. This is especially true for a HostGator domain coupon. The latest HostGator coupon, therefore, is something that you might or might not find on the website itself.

For example, we have seen a HostGator promotion code for even 90 off, 75 off, or a discount of 50 on third party websites that link to HostGator for a commission.

Cupones on HostGator and even a free coupon is a regular sight. You will find an offer for you if you keep checking the website regularly.

There are special discounts for the residents of the States because that’s the place from where most purchases are made. Coupon code for USA or coupons in the USA is more profitable. In a nutshell, HostGator USA discount coupons are better than those of other countries.


If you have an online shopping experience, this would be easy for you. Even if you don’t have that, there is no need to worry. The user interface is seamless and there are no navigational confusions at all on the checkout pages.

You can apply the coupon at the designated place. You can only add the coupon code on the checkout page. The checkout page comes only after you have selected all the items that you want to purchase (or just one) and then moved on from your cart.

Once you see the area to add a coupon code, you should paste the code that you have there. After that, click on “Validate.” This will validate whether you are eligible to use that coupon code as some coupon codes have extra terms and conditions.

After the successful application of a coupon code, you should see the change in amount reflected in your subtotal amount as a -$xyz.

HostGator Web Hosting


Always remember that HostGator coupons are only discounts on your invoice that will be billed and not on renewals. Renewal rates are decided up front at the time of order. If you are okay with those, then cool. If not, then you can change them. However, no discount coupon can be applied on renewals.

A HostGator hosting renewal coupon is something different. HostGator is known to provide them from time to time but it’s not a regular sight.

Whether you have a basic need or an advanced one, there is most probably a coupon for you in place. There is also a cloud hosting coupon, for example, and a reseller coupon. What is the best HostGator coupon? Well, that depends on your needs.

Some discount coupons on HostGator are progressive. It means that if you choose a 27% discount on a 3 months period, then you will get even more, up to 63%, if you pay for 3 years instead.

A renewal coupon or a hosting coupon: some are more popular than others on HostGator. A HostGator domain coupon is almost similarly popular to a HostGator hosting coupon. However, HostGator hosting offer is much more used and widely appreciated, making it the most popular category. In a nutshell, HostGator promo is centered around hosting offers.


The best HostGator coupon code is the one that you can utilize the most. For example, if you are only purchasing hosting, then you need a hosting discount, so that will be best for you and not some HostGator domain registration coupon, that much is for sure and goes without saying.

Further, some coupon codes are progressive or have other terms and conditions. If you are looking for closing a deal quick, those might not be the best for you.

There are frequent discount coupons based on more advanced services. For example, HostGator promotion also features a domain transfer coupon, a dedicated server coupon, domain name coupon, baby plan coupon, cloud coupon, WordPress coupon, and so on.


HostGator’s plans are for everyone. You can first use the domain checker to find the desired domain name for your website. Bulk domain searches can also be made here. It’s very easy and there are no navigational confusions. The price of whatever you choose is mentioned right below the search bar itself.

After that, you can go for a hosting package that best suits your needs. Hatchling, baby, or business — you can read the descriptions and figure out which one do you need. Of course, if you only need to get one website up and it’s not going to get millions of views per day any time soon, you can go with the most basic hosting plan and you won’t be facing any problems.

You can also start your own web hosting company if you choose reseller hosting plans from HostGator. You will be given your own control panel to manage your hostings.  Now you can give your customers the freedom to choose their own domains, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, email accounts, subdomains, and so on.

Questions are easily answered through the live chat or the ticket system. Make full use of that if you are stuck anywhere. The support executives are smart, reliable, knowledgeable, and quick to respond.

If you know that you will be needing more coupon codes and discount offers in the future, it’s a good idea to connect with HostGator through social media. Their social media handles are present right on the website. You can just open those and follow. You will know of any breakthrough discount right away now.

Once you have purchased hosting, domain, and whatever else you need and applied any discount coupons, now it’s time to set up your website. Installing WordPress is the first step. It’s the most used and most popular content management system and it’s completely free. That’s why we recommend it. It powers more than a billion websites on the internet today and the number is rising as you read this.

Setting up WordPress manually is quite troublesome if you are not technically experienced. You need FTP (file transfer protocol) access to your hosting. For that, you are going to need an FTP client like Filezilla (free). You will then need to download WordPress from wordpress.org. Unzip the content and upload it through Filezilla to your hosting space using the FTP details that you will get in your HostGator cPanel.

Basically, you are entering the backend of your website.

However, you don’t need to do any of this if you have chosen HostGator! You can easily choose to use the Fantastico method. Just a few tickboxes for your preferences and WordPress will be automatically installed while you are still on your web interface of HostGator or your dashboard! It’s faster and sets up everything for you just the right way.