Girls, don’t be boring! Have a haircut and have fun


Haircuts today are a reflection of simplicity and creativity. You just can’t do anything and everything with your hair and expect to look stylish. However, if you can carry that “anything or everything” with confidence, nothing better! Most of the times, well-nurtured and well-styled hair grab attention. It is always better to do a little research before you handover your hair to the hairdresser and wait for the result… Oh no!!! That’s not what you had expected…

So, this season, be fully armed and get the best look on your face from our stylish haircut for girls guide. You must always remember that there are numerous new style women’s haircuts out there and you need to know what suits you the best. Let’s take a sneak peek into some of the fashionable and new women’s haircut trends.

When it comes to bringing all these trends for you, we consider the opinions of world-class stylists and hairdressers. They know these trends the best and suggest you as to how an elegant, stylish as well as fresh hair look can be created.

Let’s just all agree on one fact that new haircut always brings a sense of freshness and change in mundane day-to-day life. In addition, for 2019, there are various new women’s haircut trends, which are ideal for any length, type and hair colour.

One thing that these celebrity hairstylists emphasise on is that in this season, keeping your hair look natural brings innocence.  Keeping your hair in harmony with your appearance is the key of new style women’s haircuts in 2019.  Yet, don’t miss to let them be slightly disordered. That’s what we call experimenting. Little unsorted, slightly ruffled, softly braided, smooth and slightly messy buns or bangs defining your strong personality, decide what suits you the best and just go for it.. Be it a bob haircut or a retro one, be it graduated or a textured one, let’s explore every stylish haircut for girls one by one.


Agree or not, but bangs do deserve a special attention because no matter what era or season, these have been the trendiest. The best for this season are:

  The oblique style bangs, which start from the middle of the forehead and go till ear or chin.

  Thin bangs, which can be of different lengths.

  Voluminous bangs covering entire forehead.

  Straight bangs.

  Start from the top of the forehead and can be of different lengths.


Bohemian haircuts have always been charming and will always be. If you think that this style has faded away, just revisit your thoughts once. Stylists from all across the world keep coming up with unusual bohemian haircuts. So, in 2019, new style women’s haircuts will be incomplete without these charming bohemian designs. These straight/multi-layered haircuts are best complemented by bangs of different lengths.



Bob haircuts have always been the first choice of bold women. However, you will see them quite common among younger girls. Your professional hairdresser can suggest you these types of Bob haircuts, which are in for the stylish haircut for girls:

   First one is graduated bob, where different hair are cut in different lengths

   In straight bob, straight hair get the bob cut

   In layered bob, thin layered hair are given the bob cut

   Asymmetric bob looks quite funky and refreshes your look as well as style

   You might remember Victoria Beckham’s elongated bob haircut

   A-style bob haircut complemented with long side bangs is quite bold too


They say, the shorter the hair the harder the stare. Well, that’s absolutely true. Talking about new women’s haircut trends, we can’t miss to mention the pixie haircuts, which have been famous continuously for many years. So, how can 2019 be any different? Just type pixel haircuts of Michelle Williams, Rihanna or Jennifer Lawrence on Google and you will see what we are talking about. You might feel that this haircut is exactly what you were looking for. What’s the style? The hair on the top of the head is carelessly cut and the rest is shaved! Yes, bold enough? Now, it is up to you as to what you want to do with the shaved part. Some highlights or some unusual shades?


It is a myth that short haircuts give women the tomboyish kind of a look. It is absolutely untrue. Whenever in style, short hair has looked quite feminine and has given women a bolder appeal. Well, short hair is back in trend and is being styled in different ways by young girls and women of almost all age groups. Best suited to straight or voluminous hair, short hair has a unique side of style. However, the style of page haircut suits best for women having thin hair. Just make sure that you can arrange and manage your hair well.

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