Complete Guide to Wear Shoes with Jeans for Women

Jeans are the women’s wardrobe staple and they come in handy to save your outfit choices for various occasions. Selecting a pair of footwear often becomes an obstacle when it comes to creating an awesome ensemble. Here we are providing information on best women shoes to wear with jeans.

Choosing the right women shoes to wear with jeans is often difficult as a lot of factors like the height of the heel, shape of the jeans and cut of the jeans come into the scenario. The little shade of the denim and the pair of boots you choose can make your outfit go from fabulous to disastrous. There are various kinds of shoes to wear with jeans for ladies starting from sneakers to brogues.

White sneakers

These are the classic ladies casual shoes to wear with jeans since so many decades. They look amazing with all cuts of jeans. They are classified as the best friend for women jeans as they are comfortable, stylish, and match with all colors. It is a good choice to wear them for a day-long event. A touch of metallic on them makes them an excellent choice for night parties and concerts.


Loafers are good for casual wear and to go about on various errands in the city.  Be it scuffed or vintage loafers, they are a good match to the skinny jeans. Wear them for travels and get the best compliments. Even your feet will thank you for choosing the relaxed loafers.

Sports sneakers

It is indeed the latest trend in all fashion capitals to wear sporty sneakers. They go well with tights and complement your sculpted legs.

Pointed flats

Flats with pointed shoes are the nicest compliment footwear you can give your skinny jeans. They are easy to carry off on any outfit. A lace-up to these shoes will bring out the fashion quotient of your outfit.

Toe pumps

The classic pumps go well with broad and narrow cut jeans too. Pick a pair of sharply pointed pumps to bring the effect of long skinny legs. They are ideal for women casual shoes for jeans.

Block heels

There comes an occasion where flats are too simple and heels are too much to match your outfit. Select a midi blocked heel to create the perfect ensemble. They also give the slightly elongated effect to your figure. They are pleasant shoes to wear with jeans for ladies.

Strappy heels

These are the best ladies shoes for jeans. If you are wearing your old jeans but need to give the slight fashion boost, pick a pair of strappy heels. They give the minimalistic look and add some serious edgy fashion goals. They go well with cropped jeans where the ankle straps of the heels meet. They are undoubtedly best women shoes to wear with jeans.

Flat sandals

You might be wondering if plain old flats will suit the jeans. Yes! It requires a bit of styling. Turn up your jean bottom and roll them little higher when you pair your jeans with sandals.

Sock boots

Yes, you heard it right. Sock boots can be paired with jeans either by tucking them in or leave them un-tucked. These are trending ladies shoes for jeans in cold weather.


A pair of statement sliders adorned with metal embellishments is a good fashion choice to go with jeans. Wear neutral-shade sliders for casual walks or a late brunch when you intend to keep the look simple. Bling them up if you are in a mood to attend a cocktail hour.


These are the go-to summer pair of women’s casual shoes for jeans. Distressed jeans and espadrilles are the favorite combos in the summer. They give serious beach or weekend vibes in the summer season. Rolled up jeans also go well with espadrilles.

Chunky heels

Pair of chunky heels look stylish, give you good length, and make you feel comfortable. These are trendy women shoes to wear with jeans.


These often look good on skinny jeans or cropped jeans. Wear a cool tee, cropped jeans and oversized coat to go with brogues. Buy platform brogues to give you some height if you are on the shorter side. They are good looking ladies casual shoes to wear with jeans.

Wearing jeans comes naturally than any other clothing for women. But it becomes boring when you wear the same style over and over. Spice up your fashion by pairing your favorite jeans with any of the casual shoes mentioned above. You can create unique appearance just by rolling up the jeans and adding statement flats to go with them. Stay stylish with jeans and boost the gorgeousness with different kinds of shoes on the go.

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