The Best Beaches in the World to Spend Your Holidays

Are you looking for beautiful beach holiday destinations? Beaches are the best places to spend time with loved ones. With clear waters, cool breeze, and sand touching the toes, most tourists prefer amazing beach holidays over other destinations. Find out the best beach holidays in the world to make a trip and be prepared to explore the exotic beaches.

Best beach vacation destinations bring paradise to earth. Visiting beaches will always remain as a fond memory and it brings back the nostalgic childhood days we spent as a kid playing with sand and collecting shells. There are so many amazing beach holiday destinations around the world and all you need is to visit them to enjoy in the lap of nature.


Let us see the top 10 beach holiday destinations.

Horseshoe Bay

To experience best beach holiday in the world, visit Horseshoe Bay beach of Bermuda. The curve of the beach and the pretty pink sands of the shore made it a popular beach holiday destination. The hidden caves formed due to rock formations and shallow water at the beach make it an interesting destination for kids and an adventure holiday for adults. The stunning pink hue sand adds beauty to the enchanting waves on the beach.

Sunset Beach

If you are a fan of wave adventures, Sunset beach of Hawaii is the best beach holiday for you. Surf, body boarding, and other activities which need waves are welcome here. With long stenches of sand, it will give enough space for families to breathe and play while soaking up some sun rays. Summer months are ideal for a family trip as winter season can rough up the beach.

Dreamland Beach

Set in dreamy landscape, Bali offers one exotic beach destination which is a pure delight for surfers, travelers, photographers, and beach lovers. It is set among the high limestone cliffs and run along the coastline. It was once a hidden cove but was discovered later. It became popular ever since with its soft sand and cozy quiet space. It is an ideal beach for sunbathing and relaxing in peace.

7-mile Beach

It is one of the best Caribbean beaches and lies in the Grand Cayman. The coral sand and sparkling water are good enough for a romantic stroll. The sunset is the best time to hold hands and go for a walk. The clean beach has a ton of eateries and activities for couples and families to enjoy. It is a great place for swimming and snorkeling.


It is a long scalloped beach located in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The beach is a hub for kid activities. The tanned bodies of tourists and fine sand add to the incredible visuals of the beach. It is the most popular of all the Rio beaches and it has good restaurants, accommodations, resting rooms, and showering rooms in it.

Clearwater Beach

The clear water beach of California is the beautiful beach holiday destination if you want to relax and spot some dolphins. It is also famous for drinking water fountain and bicycle rides. The coast is lined with small jewelry shops and other artist shops. It is one of the best beach vacation destinations with an active nightlife.

Grace Bay

The pristine beach in Providenciales, Turks, and Caicos Islands is one the beautiful holiday destinations around the world. It is a clean beach with Clearwater and no rocks. The beach is famous for boat cruises. It is a white sandy beach with clear blue water making it a perfect destination to watch the sunset. It is a popular spot for scuba divers and snorkeling tours.


This is an all-year visit beach at Tortuga Bay in Galapagos Islands. It feels like you are visiting the edge of the world with many trees, lava lizards, iguanas, and birds. The long stretch of white sand shines brightly against the blue ocean water. One can spot pelicans, red crabs, and seals from the beach. It is an ideal place to relax and sunbath if you are on a vacation.

La Concha

The beautiful crescent-shaped beach of San Sebastian is a great beach destination. The sandy beach is clean and offers a great spot for family bonding. It is an urban beach which makes it easily accessible to the tourists.

Playa Norte

Playa Norte of Isla Mujeres is probably one of the most beautiful beaches of Mexico. The water on the beach is clear and warm with beautiful blue hues. The white sand is quite soft on legs and makes for an excellent walking beach. It is also one of the nicest beaches to swim in the world.

These top 10 beach holiday destinations are bound to leave beautiful memories in your life. Plan more trips to beaches with your loved ones to rejuvenate in the lap of nature.

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