Advantage and Disadvantage of Technology in Human Life

The impact of technology on human lives is beyond imagination. Technology has crept into every aspect of our lives from morning alarms to grocery shopping. One can say now that technology and the everyday life of a person are tangled beyond separation. Technology played an important role in the development of industries. From banking to the education sector, agriculture to entertainment sector, technology has made the functioning of things easy. Businesses now have the competitive advantage thanks to the growth of technology over the past few decades.

How did technology change our lives?

It is very interesting to see how technology changed our lives from radio days to smartphones. Communication has become easier and it can connect people from around the world in a few seconds. The effect of technology on human life is at extremes. It has brought immense good things and equally disastrous after-effects. Let us see how human lives have changed with the rampant use of technology.

How has technology improved our lives?

Business owners can now easily communicate with their clients and customers in real time. The ease of getting feedback and reviews is increased rapidly. Every business has now taken a stand in the online world to make their services visible. Technology has brought the world a lot closer than the past. The education system has also benefitted a lot from the advancement of technology. Students can now take online classes and acquire certifications to the courses without actually attending an institution. This system helped a lot of students who are learning in remote areas with no access to great schools.

Technology helped in making the human relationships closer. Social media has become a big platform to connect with friends who are living on another side of the world. Banking sector got a boost thanks to the technology advancement. There are fewer lines at banks with the rise of electronic banking which is fast and instant to use. Health care system has also taken the full advantage of technology to diagnose and treat patients better. Patients can now reach their doctor at any time of the day and consult.

Video calling technology lets people connect instantly, and it has become a substitute for actual meetings. This technology is being used in every business sector, healthcare, entertainment, banking sector and even human relationships. The question, how has technology improved our lives should be changed with how did technology change our lives. Artificial intelligence is the new technology market which is waiting to take over daily tasks like driving, manufacturing, accounting, HR, stock trading and analytical jobs.

How has technology affected our lives?

Apart from benefits, let us see “how has technology affected our lives”. All the data, whether good or bad, is now made easily accessible with the latest technology. Kids and students are getting exposed to wrong data which is just a click away. Since technology has made learning cheap and acquiring data easy, all the wrong data is falling into the hands of impressionable kids, who do not have control over handling it.

The social media seemed to connect old friends but have paved way to form new friends too. The unknown strangers can have access to all our personal data by just accepting their friendship. It is one of the perils of the growth of technology. It has even made closer relations far by ignoring them and dwelling in the curiosity of online friends. Most teenagers now lack real relations or friends who misuse technology to their highest level.

The risk of leaking of financial information is great as hackers are just a click away from entering our confidential data. Though the technology has improved a lot, there are more than 90% of people who are naïve to its usage. This makes them vulnerable to hacking as there are loopholes in every new invention.

Apart from air and water pollution, e-waste has become the next big pollution to tackle. The exposure of technology on human life has brought new health problems and disorders. If you are looking at the impact of technology on human life, you can now safely say that technology has dominated human life and became part of every task. How technology changed our lives in few years is quite astonishing. The smartphone revolution weakened actual human relationships and replaced it with fake courtesies.

Artificial intelligence is now replacing human jobs and few industries like transportation, manufacturing, finance, shipping, customer service, and healthcare are in danger. Drones and robots are now gathering information from satellites and are capable of doing farming too. It is wise to say that technology improved our lives and technology affected our lives in some manner. There needs to be some balance in managing the technology, and we have to try not be overshadowed by the impact of technology.

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