Monday, May 29, 2023

Samson: The NBA needs to admit it has a different set of rules for superstars


On Wednesday’s episode of “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” podcast host David Samson discusses what he says the NBA won’t admit — that there are different rules for different players. The latest example he uses to back this is Dallas Mavericks star Kristaps Porzingis getting fined, while Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James did not get fined for a breach of the league’s COVID protocols.

Porzingis was fined $50,000 for violating a rule which “prohibits a player from going into any bar, club, lounge or similar establishment regardless of the player’s vaccination status.”

This made many question what was different about his violation vs. James going to an outdoor event and not getting fined.

“How come LeBron wasn’t fined or suspended for what he did but Porzingis was fined $50,000? How come people don’t understand the double standard that exists with superstars in the NBA?” Samson asks.

He says that leagues don’t often reply to social media pressure about something like this, but with many calling out the disparity “even the NBA got nervous yesterday.”

The league reacted to the concern that James is not treated the same as every other player and released a statement that said the future Hall of Famer was not fined because he briefly attended an outdoor event where vaccination or negative COVID test was required to enter.

Samson pokes holes in this statement, saying, “We got you Adam [Silver, NBA commissioner]. We got you.”

The podcast host wonders what the big difference between the events the two players attended was and how the league knew how long James was at the outdoor gathering. 

“He briefly attended? Was he wearing his Fitbit timer … did you interview witnesses?”

Samson understands that the league acts a certain way because at the end of the day, it’s about money and ratings, but he just wants it to admit it.

“I want the NBA to just one time acknowledge, one time, for me, there are the LeBron rules. There have to be, because it’s just business,” Samson concludes.


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