20 Places in Asia to Visit Before You Die

Everyone loves going on a vacation. Holidays are meant to be fun, relaxing, and time for bonding. Some travelers seek vacations to find their inspiration from new people and their culture. Asian vacation is one such holiday to experience something special and delightful. Read this post to find where to visit in Asia and where to travel to Asia to see amazing places before you die. You will also find some cheap holiday destinations in Asia which are grand in their culture.

  1. Great Wall of China

Let us start with wonders of the world when thinking where to visit in Asia. Great Wall of China is a majestic construction which runs a great length. It is said to be seen even from the moon making it the best holiday destination in Asia.

  1. Taj Mahal, India

It is a renowned architectural wonder and a UNESCO site which lies on the banks of the river Yamuna. The marble floors and intricate designs make it a worthy place for a visit.

  1. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

This delicious paradise on the earth is one of the best beach destinations in the world and a recognized UNESCO site. The thick vegetation, blue waters, and surrounding islands make it one of the best places to travel in Asia.

  1. Maldives

If you are a tourist craving for sailing, beaches, and boat cruises, Maldives is the best places to go in Asia. It is most preferred honeymoon destination where couples can spend time in their over-boat hotels.

  1. Rainbow Family Village, Taiwan

This village gives some serious street art goals and inspires the artist within you. The work was done by a former soldier to brighten up his village. The walls of each house look alive with colors.

  1. Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

This Arashiyama bamboo grove is the home to thousands of bamboo trees. It is often thronged with tourists who come to hear the sounds of the leaves and hollow stems. It paints a picturesque holiday destination for travelers.

  1. Koh Tao, Thailand

Known as turtles’ island, it is a great holiday destination to dive, swim, and go kayaking. It is a beautiful island to enjoy nature, chill, and have a night party. The island earned its name because of the swarming turtles which can be seen under the sea.

  1. Hang Son Doong, Vietnam

Visit the largest cave which has its own river, jungle, and specific climate inside. It is an adventure of a lifetime. It is an amazing place to travel in Asia.

  1. Vigan, Philippines

This is a famous historic city which has preserved Spanish colonial architecture. The mix of Asian traditions with colonial town design made it a well-preserved UNESCO world heritage city.

  • Patong, Thailand

Known for its active nightlife, Patong is one of the best places to go in Asia to party. It is beach town lined with numerous cafes and restaurants.

  • Siem Reap, Cambodia

It is best identified with its iconic Angkor Wat temple complex. It is a historical site bustling with tourists to see the architecture of ancient buildings and relics.

  • Bagan, Myanmar

The ancient city of Bagan is one of the favorite places to go in Asia for a lively curious traveler. There are hundreds of temples hidden under the green canvas of forests waiting to be explored.

  • Mount Everest, Nepal

Visit the highest mountain above the sea level on the earth in Nepal. It is absolutely necessary to see this dramatic landscape once in your lifetime. Its sheer magnitude is jaw-dropping.

  1. Jellyfish Lake, Philippines

The lake is aptly named as it is swarming with unlimited small jellyfishes. Since the jellyfishes are small with no stingers, the lake is safe for swimming. The lake is situated on the island of Palau.

  • Bhutan, Bangladesh

The tiger’s nest temple of Bhutan is one the best holiday destinations in Asia. This Asian temple attracts tourists with serene atmosphere, fresh mountain air, and panoramic view of nature.

  • Daehan Dawon, South Korea

The steep rolling hills and the tea plantation of Daehan Dawon is a treat to the eyes. The lush vegetation gives the surreal feel and also rejuvenates the body. Sample the green tea ice-cream before leaving the place.

  • Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia

It is one of the cheap holiday destinations in Asia known for its iconic twin towers which are the tallest in the world. Visit the oldest Hindu temple located in Kaula Lampur before leaving.

  • The Gobi Desert, Mongolia

If you want to visit the largest desert and do not know where to travel in Asia, the Gobi desert offers sand dunes. The desert has less vegetation and is a home for camel breeders.

  • Gili Islands, Indonesia

These islands are a vision of paradise with white sands, coconut trees, and turquoise sea surrounding it. It is a little pearl located in the heart of Indonesia.

  • Singapore

This modern city is bustling with natural wonders and man-made architectures. For nature lovers, there are plenty of activities like kayaking, trekking, and strolling in luxurious gardens.

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