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10 Innocent Hygienic Habits That Secretly Ruin Our Health

People maintain good health by keeping themselves and their surroundings clean. Good personal hygiene practices are basically disease prevention strategies for an individual. Washing hands, keeping the body clean and touching clean things is not necessarily sufficient to stay healthy. Of many hygienic things and practices which we follow every day, there are some habits which secretly ruin our health. Let’s have a look at those.

Washing Hands

Washing hands with hot water is rumored to be a good habit as it removes oil residues fast. But washing with hot water does not remove germs instantly. Wash hands for at least 30 seconds with hot or cold water to keep them germ-free.

Use of Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are used to dry hands after cleaning but researchers are now claiming that hand dryers are the hot spot for bacteria if they are not sterilized or cleaned on regular basis. Cleaning with tissue paper is a better option than dryers.

Coffee Machines Used In Offices

Repeated use of the filter in the coffee machine without proper rinsing attracts more bacteria than germs on a doorknob. Most of the coffee machines have poor hygienic conditions due to negligence.

Soaking Utensils in the Sink

Most of the households soak dishes in the sink for cleaning. It makes a perfect environment for the germs to thrive fast. After cleaning dishes it is necessary to clean the sink to maintain good hygiene. The scrubber and sponge used for cleaning should be rinsed well after use and dried.

Reuse of Food Bags

Reusing food bags or plastic bags more than once is not recommended especially if they are used to carry meat or fish. There are higher chances for food poisoning and cross-contamination if the bag is reused for storage or carrying food.

Defrosting of Food

To thaw frozen foods, people leave them on the kitchen counter at room temperature before consuming. Bacteria and harmful germs grow rapidly at room temperature which makes the food unsafe to eat. Defrosting should be done in the refrigerator itself.

Chopping Board Precautions

In food safety regulations it is clearly advised to use different chopping boards for meat and vegetables. The chances of cross-contamination are high in using the same cutting board. Cutting boards with crevices should be discarded immediately as the harbor bacteria.

Mobile Phone in a Handbag

Your handbag is the common place to store all things you require before going out like keys, bottle, mobile, and tissues. Dumping all things together creates an unhygienic environment. Using a separate mobile pouch and cleaning with wet wipes regularly is essential.

Remove Makeup

Makeup is an essential part of grooming. But remove makeup before going to sleep or before hitting the gym. Removing makeup allows the skin to breathe and repair. Avoid clogged pores and skin problems with a handy makeup remover.

Use Separate Laundry Hamper

Leaving gloves, sweaters and winter wear with regular clothes is not advised as winter wear are likely to have more germs which can weaken our immunity.

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