Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation?

Smartphones are now an integral part of our lives. The advent of technology has brought the world to our fingertips. The access to knowledge of things around the world has become easy and instant. Smartphones are now dictating our lifestyle from how we talk, eat, interact and study. Undoubtedly smartphones have made life easier on the go, but is it true for everyone? There is an equal opportunity for the user to go down the path of glory or gloom with use of smartphones.

It is too difficult to conclude that use of smartphones have destroyed a generation. They have definitely changed a generation’s outlook on life and influenced their habits. It’s not just teenagers we are talking about; the use of smartphones among parents is on the same level as of the kids. It’s just that older people have been exposed to outdoor games much more than the present generation. The new Gen kids may not know the simple life before the invention of smartphones. They have grown up using electronic devices from the start and relied on technology to make friends.

Behavioral and Health Consequences

With most of the general population hooked on to social media on daily basis, there is a greater chance for them to feel excluded when they see their friends hanging out together. With many platforms of social media arising on the internet, both girls and boys are prone to make friends with strangers online. The young and the old generations are now hooked to their smartphones and are constantly getting alienated from friends and family. Those who engage themselves on their mobile phones for the most part of the day have higher risks of getting depression and feeling lonely.

Of all the factors that contribute to sleep disturbance in the present day, smartphones rose to the top of the list. Aggressive smartphone users are experiencing fewer hours of sleep and are getting hooked on their social feeds and games during bedtime. Since mobile screen interactions do not fulfill the need of contact humans crave, it often leads to sleep disorders and affects the psychological well-being of the person.

Staring at smartphones before going to bed is a terrible habit. It not only affects the sleep and shows an impact on the productivity of work. The age-old habit of reading a book before going to bed is now replaced with social posts and e-books. Continuous exposure to blue-light from mobile is not good for the eyes and it is best to stay away from work emails and social media by bedtime. The impact of smartphones on the society is huge.

Deciding if smartphones have caused good or bad depends on how the users are handling their life. There must be a strict balance to attain positive outcomes from using mobile phones. Unrestricted use will land the users in cyber bullying or getting trolled. Stick to safe practices to protect both physical and mental health. It is necessary to learn restraint and when to put down your smartphone to reach out for a book or friend.

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