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Best Natural Ways to Increase the Bone Strength

Are you wondering how to make your bones stronger and what to take for strong bones? You came to the right place. Bones are not just the framework of our body but also the support system for us to function. Bones grow gradually from birth until the age of 30 where you can find the highest bone mass. Based on health and lifestyle, bone strength starts to diminish from later ages. Let us see what to take to strengthen bones through this post.

Proper diet with calcium-rich foods is a good start to increase bone strength. There are few exercises which can be part of daily routine to naturally strengthen the bones. The first thing to do is to boost the calcium intake through food to get strong bones. Calcium along with proper doses of vitamin D makes the mineral absorption easy to the body.

How to increase bone strength by food


Who would have thought our plain old vegetables will do the trick to get strong bones. Vegetables have good sources of vitamins and minerals required to get bone density. They are quite essential during the bone developing stages to get strong bones for the adult life. Green and yellow vegetables are good sources of vitamin C which is a key for stimulating cells required for bone formation. Add cabbage, parsley, and broccoli to your diet which contains antioxidants to protect the bone from losing strength. Adult women should consume such vegetables to lessen the risk of osteoporosis.

High-protein foods

Half of the bone is made up of proteins, thus protein-rich foods maintain the bone integrity. Low protein diets will lead to a reduction in calcium absorption which is detrimental to bone health. Protein diet helps to preserve the bone mass and protects the bone during the weight loss stages.

What to take to strengthen bones (Calcium-rich foods)

Bones are broken in parts and rebuilt every now and then, and calcium is the key mineral to get the bone structure and bone strength. Incorporate vitamin D and vitamin K rich diet to build strong bones and to prevent the calcium loss. Cheese is also an excellent source to obtain calcium and to increase bone strength. Intake of yogurt is just not only good for gut but also bones. It has minerals, vitamins B2 and B12 and it is calcium rich. Soya beans, tofu, and milk are the best sources for daily calcium intake.

Whole grain cereals are the best options for breakfast as they are calcium-rich. Magnesium is another mineral which is needed by bones in huge amounts. Avocados, bananas, and legumes are good to eat if you need to increase the magnesium intake through food. Cashews and peanuts are magnesium-rich nuts which are essential for bone building. The question, how to get strong bones will not arise if the person follows a well balanced wholesome diet.

What to take for strong bones (For Lactose-intolerant)

For those who are thinking how to increase bone strength by food and are lactose intolerant, here are some alternatives for dairy products to gain calcium. These foods help to get strong bones. Fishes especially sardines and Salmon are rich in calcium and omega fatty acids. The edible bones of the fish constitute for a lot of calcium intake. Beans and lentils are also rich sources of calcium. Seeds like poppy, sesame and chia are powerhouses for minerals and calcium. If you like munching on nuts, stick to almonds as they contain highest sources of calcium among nuts. Spinach is a good source of calcium and it is easy to incorporate it in everyday diet. These are some super foods if you are wondering on how to make your bones stronger.

How to make bones strong naturally with exercise

For bones to be strong, indulge in high impact weight-bearing exercises to maintain their functionality and health. Walking under the sun is the solution for how to make bones strong and increase their strength. Running, skipping, jumping are good forms of exercises for bone growth. Every jump and impact on the heel of your leg prompts the cells of a bone to grow stronger. The most basic form of movement like walking is recommended for people with injuries or who cannot perform high impact exercises. Dancing, climbing stairs, and playing tennis are also good ways to build bone strength.

Regular exercise and physical activity is the answer to how to get strong bones. Sedentary life is the number one cause for bone weakening and osteoporosis. Cutting back on smoking, booze and caffeine will also increase the bone strength. Prevent bone thinning by incorporating healthy food habits and exercises in the first three decades of your life. Balance the abnormal changes in body weight in order to stop the loss of bone density.

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