15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Alaska

Alaska is the most beautiful state in the USA. It is the home to nature in the truest sense. The vast landscapes, abundant wildlife, and untouched glaciers attract tourists from all over the world. This US state is nothing short of natural wonders and here are the top 15 destinations to visit.

Northern Lights: This happens to be on the bucket list of many tourists. Visitors from all over the globe visit Alaska to see the northern lights which appear randomly from the months of September to March after midnight.

Denali National Park: Located in the interior part of Alaska is this national park and preserve, comprising the highest mountain peaks. It is a home to a variety of flora and wildlife like reindeers, elks, wolves and grizzly bears.

Tracy Arm Fjord: This is a 27-mile long waterway encompassed with sharp ice cliffs. Cruise ships and boat tours are ideal to enjoy this scenic beauty.

Kenai Fjords National Park: South-central Alaska presents this amazing beauty to tourists to explore marine life and glaciers. It is a treat to the eyes to watch sea otters, sea lions, and puffins in their natural habitat.

Alaskan Railway: The White Pass and Yukon route railway attract tourists with breathtaking sceneries as the narrow gauge railroad passes along glacier lakes, waterfalls, and dense forests.

Kodiak Aquarium And Touch Tank: Housed in the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, this aquarium is enjoyed by adults and children alike.

University Of Alaska Museum Of North: Located in the Fairbanks, this museum holds historical artifacts and ethnological items along with specimens related to paleontology.

Totem Bight State National Park: This park plays host to 15 totem poles which convey visual stories through symbols which are carved on the pole. A model indigenous village in the park speaks of Alaska’s cultural richness.

Klondike Gold Rush National Park: This historical park contains a museum with gold rush period artifacts. Other tourist attraction here is the Chilkoot trail for hikers.

Mendenhall Glaciers: Starting from the Juneau Icefield, these glaciers extend till they reach small lake touching the nugget falls. Rafting and kayaking are pursued by adventure enthusiasts.

Seward: This port city of southern Alaska is an awesome place for boat tours, seeing marine wildlife, and to experience dog sledding.

Wrangell St Elias National Park: It is the biggest national park housing 9 of the highest mountain peaks, glaciers, and some volcanoes. People visit to enjoy the wilderness and spectacular views.

Tongass National Forest: Located in southeast Alaska, this is the largest national forest in the USA. It offers fun activities like camping, fishing, and hiking for families in the wilderness.

Chugach State Park: It is a vast park with nature center, 9 different ecosystems containing varied flora and fauna. Camping and skiing are tourist-related activities.

Ketchikan: This city is most populous and acts as a getaway to many fjords of Alaska. Ketchikan is famous for salmon, pleasant scenery, and rich native culture. In fact, this city is considered as the salmon fishing capital of the world.

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