The 10 Best and Affordable Places to Travel In 2018

Are you a traveler that is afraid to burn your pocket while visiting best places in the world? Here are the top 10 affordable places to visit in 2018.

Morocco: With its beautiful culture, Morocco delights tourist even on a small budget. With affordable accommodations, good food, and pleasing beach strolls, Morocco offers a sensational holiday for you and your family. Places to visit in Morocco are Essaouira, Sahara desert, Marrakech, and Fez.

Thailand: Known for the tropical beaches, ornate temples and opulent royal palaces, Thailand is a popular destination for travelers. Backpackers just love this destination for its beach huts and idyllic islands. From shopping to food, Thailand has more to offer than just nightlife.

Bolivia: This is a truly astounding place with varied climate zones. From the majestic ice peaks to Andes deserts, from lively rain forests to exuberant savannahs, the country is known for its scenic nature. Its varied wildlife, bird species, food, and adventure push the tourists to an edge and let them experience life in truest form.

India: The sub-continent of India remains the ultimate destination for budget travelers all over the world. Its rich culture and heritage accompanied by spiritual knowledge, festivals, food, and beaches keep the tourists enchanted. Don’t miss a chance to visit the ice-cold Himalayan ranges before you leave.

Mexico: Apart from the diverse landscapes, Mexico is famous for its architectural wonder. The country of Mexico offers endless adventures in the jungles and sandy beaches. Visit the world-renowned archeological monuments, museums, and galleries. Don’t miss out on the vibrant culture, dances, and food on your visit.

Prague: It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with over a hundred spires. The bridges, castles, gardens and Jewish heritage are a feast for the eyes. The museums and galleries can be visited for free or discounted prices on special days. The city offers many places for families and kids to picnic and stroll in the parks.

Greece: From the white sand beaches, hiking to volcanoes, and cycling through lush forests, Greece holds a lot more to tap the adventure junkie in you. The country will bewitch you with its culture, food and olive groves. The financial crisis of the country should not affect you but make it a stronger reason to visit for the low-budget travel.

Cuba: This fabulous country has breathtaking landscapes, best cigars in the world, sandy beaches, warm hospitality and great architecture. If all these reasons won’t give you a push to travel there consider the varied types of rum available for taste.

Bulgaria: This is one of the cheapest and most affordable destinations to visit in Europe. The cute coastal towns with sunny beaches are a big attraction. This is closest you can get to heaven on earth with glistening lakes and epic mountains.

Laos: Visit this scenic and most relaxed country in Asia if you want to stay away from touristy places. Everything from nature to food in this country is refreshing. The greenery, monasteries, and waterfalls will urge you to return to this destination every year.

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